Southern Marine Inc. is your premiere boat sales resource.

We bring over 60 years of experience to the dock, and take pride in going above and beyond when it comes to customer service. Whether you are looking to buy a boat, sell your boat, or have your boat serviced--we can help make it happen.

Our motto is to "treat people like we would want to be treated," which means making sure we service your needs at a reasonable cost--both fairly and honestly.

The team at Southern Marine grew up on the water; working, fishing and spending time on boats. Most of our lives have been spent with people that share our passion for boating--helping us understand how to meet each customers' unique needs and desires.

When it comes to serving customers, we are go-getters. We stand by our commitment to help you find your perfect boat, or to get your boat sold to the perfect customer. This is why we have so many loyal customers that choose Southern Marine time and time again for their boat sales needs.

At Southern Marine, we also understand that boating is about having fun-- and a sense of humor. As we always say, work is "just another day in paradise!"

Contact Southern Marine today, we look forward to meeting you!